Distribution outside Ukraine

……..In addition to the distribution of TV channels on the territory of Ukraine, the Kontinent TV company has a package of TV channels for foreign distribution. The rights to these TV channels extend to all countries of the world.
……..The foreign distribution package includes three TV channels: TROFEY, 5 Channel and 24 channel.
……..TV channel TROFEY is a channel of human hobbies! A TV channel that will open to viewers the world of ancient human hobbies: fishing, hunting, picking mushrooms, herbs and berries, as well as tell many secrets of cooking. We invite the viewer to become a member of the online wild boar hunt and go along with the TV channel for a fishing trophy, walk along mushroom paths and learn the secrets of harvesting medicinal herbs. Broadcast language — ukrainian and russian. The channel’s signal is on the satellite ASTRA 4A 12 2665 MHz. TROFEY TV channel broadcasts in two standards SD and HD.
……..Channel 24 is the first all-Ukrainian round-the-clock news channel. Included in the media holding TRK “Lux”. News of politics, economics, show business, sports are updated live. The broadcast language is Ukrainian. The channel’s signal is on the AMOS 3/11 175 MHz satellite. The broadcast language is Ukrainian.
……..Channel 5 is a Ukrainian news channel. A distinctive feature is hourly news releases and guest studios. In addition to news releases, the channel also contains informational and analytical author’s programs and documentaries. The channel’s signal is on the satellite ASTRA 4A/ 11 747 MHz. Broadcast language Ukrainian.
……..To date, the company Kontinent TV successfully distributes its TV channels in such countries as: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Spain. More than 20 foreign pay TV operators have already included. Kontinent TV channels in their paid TV packages.
……..Kontinent TV Company is always open to new, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Contact information for overseas clients:

Medved Andrey Alexandrovich